Northwest Natural Products - Bad Business Practices

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I don't know a lot about this company's products, but I will say I was not impressed by their business practices.They contacted me for a job interview, which I scheduled at their convenience.

The next day they called to reschedule the interview for 4 days later, which I agreed to. I spent $50 on a haircut and $22 on a manicure and less than 2 hours before the scheduled interview, they called to cancel. When I told them how much they put me out, they did not apologize but simply stated that this was the way they do things.

If that's the way they treat others then I want nothing to do with supporting this company in any way, no matter how great their products may be.Please think twice about buying their products!

Review about: Business Practices.


Seoul, Seoul, Republic Of Korea #679043

Sorry for your loss but their Gummy Vites are the bomb :grin

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